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    UVC Using GPIF for writing data with USB



      UVC has communication with GPIF II for getting data from image sensor. However, there is no bulk out endpoint controlled by GPIF in this interface.


      I am trying to make a BULK OUT communcation with UVC application when UVC State reaches 'WAIT_FOR_FRAME' state in state machine.


      To do this, I add a 'DR_DATA' action with another thread(2) in 'WAIT FOR FRAME' state so with this if FV or LV signal is zero, GPIF II starts to write data from USB.


      I use endpoints of USB debug interface(EP 4 OUT) for GPIF but I lose the camera when I change socket numbers and definitions.


      Are there any way to make communcation with another endpoint as bulk out with GPIF for UVC interface? What am I supposed to do after this configurations?