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    CX3 supports resolution?

      Hi,Can CX3 support 4K raw10 @30fps  resolution?  or 4K raw8 @30fps ?


      If CyU3PMipicsiReset() is initialized before CyU3PMipicsiInit (), it will report the error CyU3PMipicsiReset Err = 0x44, and then the initialization succeeds after CyU3PMipicsiInit ().


      But now cx3 DMA cannot receive mipi data, and the mipi end can be measured with data,Why can't you receive data?


      thank !

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          1. 0x44 comes when we reset the MIPI without initializing it. Refer CyU3PReturnStatus_t CyU3PMipicsiReset (      CyU3PMipicsiReset_t resetType ) in API Guide.


          2 CX3 can supports at maximum 2.4 Gbps.

                MIPI block on CX3 supports up to four data lanes

                Each lane supports up to 1 Gbps

          Note: CYUSB3065 supports up to four lanes; CYUSB3064 supports up to two lanes


          3. As per your requirement:

               1. 4K RAW 10 30fps = (3840+Horizontal Blanking) * (2160+ Vertical Blanking) * 10 * 30 = 2.488 Gbps > 2.4 Gbps ( Assume blanking is Zero. Ideally there should be blanking period) - CX3 Does Not Support

               2. 4K RAW 8 30 fps = (3840+Horizontal Blanking) * (2160+Vertical Blanking) * 8 * 30 = 1.99 Gbps < 2.4 Gbps (Assume blanking is Zero. Ideally there should be blanking period)  - CX3 Supports


          4. What is the MIPI configuration that you are using in this case, what is the frame rate, resolution, frames per second and bits per pixel?

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            Dear Srdr,


            Although the payload 3840*2160*30 *8 is less than 2.4Gbps, but I cannot configure CX3 successfully.


            I know CX3 embed a tc358746 from Toshiba in chip, I get an XLS tool from Toshiba and use it configure 3840*2160*30fps*8bit(raw8).


            It seems the max fps is about 11, so can you share how to configure 4K raw8 image sensor ,eg, sony IMX135?