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    CyBle_GappSetNumOfAdvPkts leaves BLE in ACTIVE state permanently when it finishes?

      Hello users,


      When using the function CyBle_GappSetNumOfAdvPkts() to send a fixed number of advertisement packets out from the device wirelessly, the BLESS ends up being stuck in the "ACTIVE" mode, and refuses to go to power saving mode indefinitely. The documentation doesn't mention any requirements to what the user needs to do upon completion to "clean up". Is there another API call/function that I'm missing? I'm checking the BLESS state and attempting to enter low-power-mode when not actively processing in main().


      I am checking the return value and it is giving CYBLE_ERROR_OK, as well as physically sending out the number of packets requested (the ADVERTISEMENT_START_STOP also fires when it finishes as well.)


      Do I need to reset the BLESS? Or just reset the chip?