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    sdk-6.1: stackoverflow due to reduced stack size for BLE configuration


      I notice on sdk-6.1, a printf("#"); in ble scan result callback can cause hang.

      Remove the printf then it works.

      It's pretty common to do such printf for debug purpose.


      On sdk-6.0.1:

      00:00:02.624000 GKI_create_task func=0x80182d5  id=1  name=BTU  stack=0x0  stackSize=6144

      00:00:02.632000 GKI_create_task func=0x80197f5  id=0  name=HCISU  stack=0x0  stackSize=4096


      On sdk-6.1:

      00:00:01.066000 GKI_create_task func=0x8017d1d  id=1  name=BTU  stack=0x0  stackSize=4096

      00:00:01.074000 GKI_create_task func=0x801954d  id=0  name=HCISU  stack=0x0  stackSize=3072


      I believe other users may find the existing application fails due to this stack size change.

      Would you consider change the stack size back?

      Or alternatively provide user an argument to override default settings.