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    Pin mapping, import & export via .csv


      Is there a way or could we get this implemented in psoc creator in the near future?


      - export a .csv with the current pin-configuration [name, pin/port, ..]

      - import back a .csv with an updated pin map


      Ultimately this operation should be scriptable / being able to run it as a command line utility completely detached from psoc-creator.



      I'd also like to request the peripheral & pin-map source information to be available for all cpu's in a .csv or .yaml format.

      that is, the same info that is shown in the "Pins view" in psoc creator, showing if a peripheral can be assigned to a certain pin.

      This would greatly improve the workflow as we could write our own utility scripts.




      Working with for example Altium, you have a very smart workflow to enable optimal pin-mapping vs layout, see this link:

      FPGA Pin Mapper Quick Guide | Online Documentation for Altium Products



      best David