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    memory leak if re-init bt stack


      Test on CYW943438 with sdk-6.1.

      To test if it is fine to repeat init/deinit bt_stack by calling wiced_bt_stack_init/wiced_bt_stack_deinit.


      My test code is calling wiced_bt_ble_observe() once got BTM_ENABLED_EVT in the wiced_bt_stack_init callback.

      The wiced_bt_ble_observe() scan for 10 seconds and once it is done.

      Calling wiced_bt_stack_deinit and wiced_bt_stack_init again to re-start scan.


      Observe the memory usage by mallinfo().

      Then you can find the "Memory in use keep growth, the available memory becomes smaller and smaller.

      i.e. It's clearly a memory leak while re-init bt stack.