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    Creating PWM on Interrupt from Zero Cross Detector




      I want to write PWM when we get Interrupt, which is connected to ZCD.


      Please provide any method for doing this.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Upon interrupt, set a flag.

          Check the flag in main, and when it gets set, clear it, then turn on the PWM with PWM_Start().

          If you want to change the PWM settings, then you will want to call PWM_Init() with the settings when you want to change them.

          The API will change based on which PWM implementation you used, but something similar to the following should work:


          At startup:


          In ISR:

               PWM_Start_Flag = true;

          In Main:

               if(PWM_Start_Flag) {

                    PWM_Start_Flag = false;

                    if(TCPWM_ReadStatus() != STATUS_RUNNING) {