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    Audio  signal processing psoc5lp 059kit

      I am working on a team project for school, and we are using the PSoC to take in an audio signal from an electret microphone/preamp circuit, put this signal through a band pass filter, and output it to an amp/headphones circuit. All of the circuitry is worked out and we are having a custom PCB made for that. What we are having trouble with looking at is how to do the signal processing.

      To do this, we will be using a DelSig converter, the Filter component, and a DAC (still have to do research to figure out which is used for audio). To interface these blocks, do we have to use a DMA or multiple DMAs? Is there a way to pass the readings from the mic to the ADC, band pass filter, DAC, and output in the code alone or do we need the DMA?