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    cyusb3014 don't receive data from GPIF

      I use cyusb3014 to transfer data with fpga through GPIF.

      FPGA can receive data from cyusb3014 but cyusb3014 don't receive data from fpga. the slwr is low and sloe is high when fpga send data to cyusb3014 so i believe the connection and source code should be right.

      may cyusb3014 some feature gpif port broken?

      may R_USB3 don't use 1% 200ohm cause this problem?

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          Please share the schematic for the circuit.


          Also tell which FW example you are using for developing your application?


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            Checkpoints to consider:


            1) The FPGA should select proper address lines for write socket. I believe in your project, FX3 has two DMA channels one to read data from fpga and one to write.


            Assume that the DMA channel for FPGA to FX3 has PIB socket 0. The fpga should select address lines ADDR[1:0] as 00. (both lines driven low)


            2) Also, make sure you send so much data enough to fill FX3's DMA buffer. (Or make sure PKTEND signal is asserted for short DMA transfer)


            3) Take a scope of FPGA signals and verify everything is OK.