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    How to handle DM/DP pins if USB 2.0 is not used for CYUSB3014


      Hello, I use CYUSB3014 to tranfer data to pc with USB3.0 protocol in our data processor unit. Recently i am updating this unit and realize that the DM (pin A10) and DP (pin A9) are also conntected to the USB 3.0 port. I confirm that if those two pins are floating (without connection to USB 3.0 port), our data processor unit works fine.


      My question is how to deal with DM (pin A10) and DP (pin A9) of CYUSB3014 if USB 2.0 protocol is not applied. Should they be floating, pull-up to Vbus or pull-down to GND? What is the disadvantage if those two pins is not used?