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    ADC result register ptr doesn't exist? Trying to use with DMA

      The following function is what I'm trying to use to configured the DMA to interact with the result register for my SAR_ADC component in the PSoC 63.


      Cy_DMA_Descriptor_SetSrcAddress(&DMA_1_Descriptor_1, (uint32_t *) &ADC_RESULT_REGISTER);


      The ADC documentation says that this register is defined as "ADC_SAR_CHAN#_RESULT_PTR" where the # is the channel you're trying to access. However, I can't find this macro anywhere in the source and it doesn't evaluate when I try and use it. Is there a different address I should be looking at? Is there a macro for it? In a last ditch effort I tried using "&ADC_1_SAR__HW->CHAN_RESULT[0]" to access the first channel results but this gives me a source bus error when I call Cy_DMA_Channel_GetStatus when the DMA throws its finished interrupt.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks