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    BLE and Timer Change- CE220567 BLE Thermometer Example Project

      Hello, I am currently working off of the BLE Thermometer project offered for the PSOC 6. My application is for a load cell, and therefore I need to change the BLE service on the CySmart app to display the Weight Scale service instead of Temperature service. I've tried to reconfigure the Weight Scale service, but any time I click on the "Unknown Service" in the app, which should be the weight scale service, it says 'No custom UI available'. Are there certain parameters within the ble_application.c file (or another source file) that I need to change in addition to change the module in TopDesign.cysch?

      BLE changes I've made thus far:

           - Add weight scale characteristic to GATT server

           - Change GAP Settings -> Advertisement packet -> Service UUID from Health Thermometer to Weight Scale

      Also, I would like to change the timer within the example code to periodically refresh the e-ink display in 5 second intervals instead of 1 minute intervals. I've tried to change this without luck. Any suggestions?


      Thank you for your help!