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    Sample and Hold for PSOC6 for "simultaneous" ADC application


      Greetings all!


      We have an AC/DC converter application that we want to implement with the PSOC6 development board.  We want to use the PSOC6 because of its floating point capability. 


      We want to make 4 simultaneous ADC measurements (input voltage, input current, output voltage, output current) at a rate of ~100kHz.  I see that the PSOC6 only has the scanning SAR as an ADC option. 


      Question 1: How many SAR ADCs can I use in the PSOC6?  I'm looking for a "resource explorer" tool that tells me how many analog blocks each ADC uses, and how many blocks I have left.


      Question 2: Assuming that I do NOT have 4 ADCs available, then I will use 1 ADC and 4 sample/holds to achieve a "simultaneous" sampling effect.  Is there a sample and hold component block for the PSOC6?  Or should I make a "generic" one with an opamp + analog muxer + external capacitor?

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          To your questions -

          1. PSoC 6 supports only one SAR ADC in hardware because it only has one SAR block in hardware (the ADC is not made up multiple Analog blocks like PSoC 1 devices). Regarding resource explorer - PSoC Creator does support one. Go to "View -> Resource Meter" to see the resource usage.


          2. PSoC 6 has two Op-amps that can be used to implement 2 S/H circuits with external caps. For 4, you will need 2 additional op-amps externally.


          Let me know if this helps.



          Meenakshi Sundaram R