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    UVC expand of opportunities



      I have a "denebola" video cameras.


      I plan to add additional features to the board (to expand the control capabilities of the video camera).

      For example, I want to send signals to the camera to be able to move it to the right and left (to include the motors through the available gpios) using only one physical usb cable.


      How is this best done? There are several possible solutions.


      1. You can extend and redefine the UVC interface.

      2. Add a new cdc device (interface) to the uvc device (interface).

      3. Add a new hid device (interface) to the uvc device (interface).



      Tell me how to add a hid device (interface) to the uvc device (interface)?

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          You can use the standard UVC control features like PAN and TILT to move the camera right or left. You can check this in the AN75779 app note. If you want to add any additional features in the UVC camera it can come through the UVC extended controls. Please check the same app note for more details.


          To add a HID interface to the UVC device, you need to add a HID interface like the one present in "cyfx3_hid" example code present in the SDK at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\hid_examples" (Standard installation path). If you want a complete package that has HID and UVC interface you can get CX3 Ascella/THIne kit and check.




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            Many stanks!