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    Printing debug info to laptop when using MINIPROG3


      I've been running in circles trying to get an arrangement working which would allow me to send debugging information from a target board using a PSoC4 BLE chip to a laptop computer when using MINIPROG3.  There are  a number of comments and articles that talk about this but I've been unsuccessful at making any of them work.  Further, when it seemed like I might have a solution it came at the expense of disabling the use of the regular debugging and programming functions.


      Finally, I decided to set up a completely separate path from that of the MINIPROG3.  The attached file is a very simple description of how this can be done along with a program that actually works in this regard.  It uses an inexpensive FTDI Serial to UART converter cable available from Amazon.com.  The connections and how to make it work are described at the top of the program.  I have taken this approach to showing how I did it since I've often been frustrated with answers to questions that assume knowledge that I don't yet have.  Perhaps this will be of help to someone else.  I plan to add a two pin connector to every board I design to allow connection of the FTDI cable for future use.  (At least until Cypress adds the capability to the MINIPROG3).


      Dennis Coburn