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    CY8CKIT-042 Hibernate


      Set up kit to measure sleep mode currents. Used several projects found

      to do this. Tried AN86233, Element14 project 95, and CE95322 ap note. Running

      I get ~ 5.5 mA, any sleep mode 4.4 mA. All 3 ap notes.


      1) Tried different DMMs, same result. Removed jumper for chip Vdd and inserted ammeter there

      2) Checked clocks, project, pins, all good

      3) Updated project components

      4) Using USB power, 5V, no other loads connected to board, LED goes off indicating in sleep mode

      5) Observed this caveat Reducing the Deep-Sleep Current for PSoC® 4 Devices – KBA90930

      Note that should be called out in project, Cypress should definitely update these ap notes and

      projects for this.


      I consistently cannot get to sleep like currents, bad chip (but all other indications its good) ?


      Regards, Dana.