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    What programming the psoc 5 supports ?

      Hello I am a bit confused , i cant really understand in what language the psoc working , is it C ? or C++ ? or maybe even C sharp ?

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          Cypress Creator IDE is using C Language as standard. There are some tricks to have C++ compiled. C# is microsoft os dependent and will not work on embeddeds.

          Of course you might use ARM assembly, but I won't suggest you to write code in a 3-operand RISC assembly language.

          When you tell a bit more (or a byte more ;-) wh can probably make some suggestions...



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            well I need to use the ADC block and wondering that there are libraries from C++ and not only C language. 

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              I would suggest you to install Cypress Creator 4.2 IDE. All the required support (documentation, libraries) are generated automitically. You will be able to set all the properies of your components as ADC, IO-Pins and interfaces. There are no C++ libraries from Cypress at this time.



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                When you create a new project in PSoC Creator, you can choose a sample project as the basis. There are several ADC examples.

                Follow these steps:


                1. Launch PSoC Creator
                2. In the "Start Page" window, click on "Find Code Example"
                3. In the dialog that appears chose the "PSoC 5LP" Device family.
                4. Chose one of the ADC examples from the list.


                "ADC_SingleEndedMode" might be a good place to start.

                The project should be created, and a data sheet all about the project should be opened automatically.

                In PSoC Creator, start by looking at the "TopDesign.cysch" file.


                Are you familiar with PSOC 5LP and the Creator Software?

                If not, then it will be different from what you might be used to. The PSoC family are hard cpu cores, coupled with logic blocks and programmable logic. The blocks and logic are more like a CPLD or FPGA than a traditional MCU, and so there is a different approach to using them. Many things, like for example flahshing an LED can be handle 100% in hardware, without a single line of code required, except to setup the hardware, and then the LED can flash on an off all day without using up a single CPU cycle.  That is just a trivial example. Using CPLD/FPGA style logic is extremely powerful - it is well worth taking the time to learn and understand it.

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