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    CX3 I2C Communication with OV5640 Directly


      I am debugging an I2C Implementation in hardware, with an OV5640 MIPI Camera.

      My goal is to see whether the MIPI Camera responds to I2C communication from the CX3.

      I know the default slave ID of the OV5640 camera, and the registers which I would like to inspect, namely device ID registers.


      I have taken a look at the USBI2CRegMode and CX3UVCOV5640 code, and cannot locate any slave ID settings for the I2C bus in code.


      Can anyone point me to documentation which discusses how to send and receive inputs from the I2C bus? I have only been able to find the CX3OV5640 API documentation, which only allows for initialization which returns a void, and UVC controls.


      Thank you kindly.