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    USBUART (CDC) PSOC5LP detecting USB disconnections (SELF POWERED - NO VBUS)


      Hi to all,

      after reading forum and examples and after a couple of problems regarding USB drivers, now I am able to use USBUART (CDC) interface with PSoC5LP!


      It remains only a problem: manage the connection/disconnection of the USB cable.


      I read KBA210620:


      This document suggest to monitor the VBUS line to detect the disconnection event.


      But, in my current design, I cannot monitor the VBUS line (SELF POWERED - NO VBUS).


      I did a bit of experiments but I was not lucky.

      There is someone that knows a solution to detect USB disconnection (USBUART - CDC) without monitoring the VBUS line?



      Thank you in advance to all ;-)


      PS: UBUART component datasheet v.3.20 does not define USBUART_GetConfiguration() API