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    Max Whitelist/Bondlist size



      I can see next in the BLE_StackGap.h file:


      /* Maximum number of Remote Devices */

      #define CYBLE_GAP_MAX_BONDED_DEVICE                  0x04u

      #define CYBLE_GAP_SIZE_OF_WHITELIST                      0x08u

      #define CYBLE_GAP_SIZE_OF_RESOLVING_LIST           0x08u

      /* This is kept for backward compatibility, will be obsolete in future */

      #define CYBLE_MAX_WHITELIST_ENTRIES                     0x04u


      Is it a hardware limit ? or size of lists can be increased modifying those defines ?

      I'm working with CYBLE-212006-01. Is those values right for this device ?


      Thanks in advance,