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    Is read while program possible for S34ML04G2?




      We plan to use S34ML04G2 NAND flash but have the need to be able to split the device (e.g. in two) to be able to continue being able to read from the first half while programming (and potentially erasing) from the other half. From my understanding, this device has a single die, but two planes. By having very quickly read the ONFI 1.0 specification, it seems possible to do so on two different planes, but the order of the first program/read operation performed seems important (program-while-read is ok, but not read-while-program). However, S34ML04G2's datasheet (002-00499 Rev. *P) at §3. "Command Set" (page 16) indicates almost all commands as not "Acceptable Command during Busy", which seems to say we can't achieve what we want.


      Please clarify.