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    Export/dump flash hex file from PSOC5LP

      Hi there,


      I have a device based around a CY8C5667LTI-LP009 whose firmware includes a bootloader and my custom application code/firmware (loaded onto it using the cybootloaderhost via USB).


      Id like to be able to take a "dump" of the PSOC's firmware (bootloader and app code combined) so I can send it to a fab house I'm working with who will then flash my next batch of PSOC's before shipping, saving me hours of work!


      Is it possible to export a hex file that contains the flash contents of a PSOC? And if so can that be flashed onto a clean PSOC that will mimic the functionality of the original?


      I have used the "Read" function of PSOC Programmer 3.23.1 but not sure if the output produced is what I'm looking for.


      Many thanks!