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    Problem with USB general HID data transfer interface (AN82072) on PSoC 5LP-059

      Hello! We are trying to set up a USB general data transfer interface (AN82072) on a PSoC 5LP (CY8C588LTI-LP097) using a Windows 7 Enterprise PC (64 bit). Because AN82072 was not designed for this kit, we updated the components and commented out the sections of main.c involving the LCD. We were able to program the PSoC without any errors using the prog kit, but when we plugged the PSoC into the PC using the microUSB, the PSoC was not detected by the PC (did not show up in the Device Manager). We have downloaded the CyUSB SDK and appear to have a full complement of USB drivers. As a control, we were able to successfully run the USB HID Basics with PSoC 3 and PSoC 5LP project (AN57473). We have attached our project archive for our modified AN82072. Does anyone have suggestions for what to try next? Thank you!!