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    Is there any API to get 128-bit UUID from nearby beacons?


      I'm using psoc4 ble dk kit and doing some projects.


      For my project, I need to get 128-bit UUID (Custom Service UUID maybe) of other BLE devices.

      So my psoc4 ble needs to act as a central or an observer device.

      However, in the 'Observer' examples, psoc4 ble only gets information about


      -Target's addr

      -Target's type(non-connectable, something like that)


      Also it seems like CYBLE_GAPC_ADV_EVENT don't include 128-bit UUID data.

      So is there any API or any ways to check other devices' 128-bit UUID with psoc4 ble?


      Please let me know if there is a way.

      Thank you.

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          If the beacons are advertising the 128-bit UUID over their advertising packet, then you will be able to pull it from that.

          Potentially, you can "active scan" the beacons, and their scan response packet might be more thorough in containing the UUIDs of the services associated.

          Otherwise, if you can't get the service UUIDs from just scanning actively or passively, then you will need to connect to the beacon and read the services available to get the UUIDs that you are looking for.

          When you open up the BLE component (with right-click) there will be the option to include service UUIDs under the advertise(ment) settings.