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    I can not understand GPIFII…


      I can not understand GPIFII…

      Please help.

      If it is possible, tell by stages how to make a simple test project. For example, there for  a timer interrupt. Each timer interrupt we reads 8 pins through a GPIFII and sore its in user memory.

      Than we Invert this value in the program code and then also through GPIFII we out these 8 bits on the pins.


      How to configure GPIFII without using templates?

      How to make a state GPIFII machine?

      How to compile this states?

      How to create an h-file?

      How to connect it h-file to your project&


      I think that this information will be useful not only to me, but also to many other people who use your products (FX3).

      Yes, I read your documents, in particular about “slave fifo”, but there is not much information specifically on the issues that I asked now.

      Many, many questions...