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    Ble connection stops working after 'Max num. of ble connections' times

      To preface, we are using Cy Ble Dongle for debugging purposes and our BLE PDL is set as GAP peripheral.


      We are experiencing unusual behavior with ble connection where after 4 successive connections, the peripheral fails to connect to central on next attempt. After failing to connect for 4 times, ble connection connects successfully again for another 4 connections, and the cycle repeats. We suspect it is because 'Maximum number of BLE connections' is set to 4 for our BLE PDL. But it is unusual that this would occur since we are connecting using the same device (Cy Ble Dongle) on all connections so the peripheral should not detect the connections as different device connections. Has anyone observed the same behavior and what fixed the problem?


      Note: we've also changed 'Maximum number of BLE connections' to 2, and observe the similar behavior where it succeeds to connect for 2 attempts, fails for 2 attempts, succeeds for 2 attempts, and the cycle repeats.

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