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    unexpected behavior when the flash used goes over 90 %

      Hi everyone,

      I'm using the CY8C4245LQI microcontroller and I have an unexpected behavior when my code uses more than the 90% of the available flash: some features do not work. 

      Otherwise, when the output table shows:

      Flash used: 28672 of 32768 bytes (87,5%).

      SRAM used: 2828 of 4096 bytes (69,0%). Stack: 2048 bytes. Heap: 64 bytes.

      Everything goes well.

      I obtain this result by commenting a function that is not used for now. (But shall be used in the next future).


      So my question is: there are some restriction using the available flash at all?


      (Unfortunately i could not post my code because it is for a commercial use).


      Thanks for your help!