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    Button press to enable power supply to PSoC4 and turn on LED at the same time



      I have an input pin connected to a switch. Pressing the switch enables power to the PSoC4 chip (i.e. PSoC goes through complete bootloading process and then executes the main()).


      The processor is initially cut off from the power source. Pressing the button generates a rising edge which turns the processor ON, however this rising edge of the button is also being used to turn an LED ON. Since the processor is booting, this rising edge does not generate interrupt and the LED is not turned ON. This is understandable because at that very instance, the processor isn't powered. So to turn the LED ON with the same pulse, I'm using the falling edge to generate an interrupt which turns the LED ON. However, I am wondering if there is any way to capture the same rising edge, i.e. if I can add some component in my top design to delay the pulse or repeat it.


      Currently, I turn the LED ON on rising edge of button press, but just for this "special case" I am using the falling edge.


      I would greatly appreciate for any ideas.