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    UVC USB_DEBUG INTERFACE requirements



      I am using UVC code provided by Cypress and I can take an image with 640*512 camera in YUY2.


      I am using an FPGA to get codes from I2C but no SCK and SDA signals generated by Cypress Device,  although it is wrtten that 'BULK IN or BULK OUT process is


      succesful' on Control Center.


      Also, I sometimes get error 997 when I want to use USB_DEBUG_INTERFACE of UVC code.


      In document AN75779 there is no clear explanation how I2C sends data to device which is not MT9M114.


      Can anyone help me on this issue? Also, knowledge about SPI and UART with bulk communcation also will be very helpful for me.




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          In AN75779, the I2C interface will be used to configure the image sensor, MT9M114.

          To use USB_DEBUG_INTERFACE, you have to define this Macro USB_DEBUG_INTERFACE.

          This creates the DMA Channel from UIB to CPU Consumer and CPU Producer to UIB consumer.

          This interface helps to read/write from/to the registers of the image sensor through I2C interface.

          The user should send the commands to read/write and register address from the host. i.e BULK OUT and BULK IN requests


          In An75779, glDebugCmdChannel will be used for receiving the commands and glDebugRspChannel will be used to receieve the responses.


          SensorRead2B and SensorWrite functions pass the register read and write requests the image sensor through I2C interface.


          In your case, you have FPGA between the FX3 and Image Sensor.

          What is the FPGA doing?

          How you are configuring the image sensor here?

          Why do you want to use I2C interafce to communicate with FPGA?


          Refer the example provided in the following folder of the SDK for low speed peripheral (SPI, UART, and I2C; and GPIOs) functionalities.

          Go through the readme.txt files of each for description of the example. And also section 4.2.8 of the GettingStartedWithFX3SDK.PDF provided in the following folder.


          Example Firmware path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\serialif_examples

          GettingStartedWithFX3SDK.PDF path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\doc\firmware




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            Hi again,


            I want to send a parallel or serial data to my FPGA after configuration of camera.


            When I used 'Slave Fifo' interface I can send my data from computer to fpga with Bulk In endpoint of Slave Fifo but in camera GPIF II code there is no chance to send data from PC to Camera with using GPIF II interface.


            I only want to send a couple of data to camera which can be detected by a clock without complex addresses , my fpga code can handle data transmission to camera and which address will be used also can make changes in camera. Only data sending with a clock is important for me.


            Bulk IN communcation type with GPIF II in Slave Fifo works really fine. If there is a chance to send data with GPIF II for UVC camera interface it would be perfect for me.





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              In UVC Application, you can receive data from external processor/image sesnor over the GPIF and pass to the PC.

              You can not send any data over the GPIF to configure the image sensor/ FPGA


              Use I2C/SPI/UART interfaces for the configuration change of the camera/FPGA.