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      I would like to know what I could do to connect 2 psoc cards type cy8ckit-049-42xx and send the data to the analyzer application in this case will be a message for each card.

      Thank you very much for your attention, I hope your prompt response.

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          Hi Javier, I'm sorry I can't understand your questions clearly. Could you give more description(pictures, interfaces, applications...) to us so that we could know your requirements better?



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            You could use either SPI, UART, I2C, or some other bit-banged protocol to communicate between them. It depends on which you think would work best.

            UART is relatively straightforward and generally the fastest. If you set up both of the PSoC boards to use UART, then wire the UART pins together, then you will be able to send messages over the two lines (between the two boards).

            As RyanZ_36 stated, if you could explain what part of the application you are having trouble with, then we can better answer questions on the implementation. Just telling us that you have two kits and want to communicate between them tells us little except that you are using two PSoC chips and want to connect them together.

            Things that would help to know:

            How do you want them connected together?

            How fast/often/much do they need to communicate?

            What is the "analyzer application" you are talking about?

            Do they need to send messages both ways, or just one way?

            We can give tips and pointers, but generally people have other things to work on and will not "give you" a fully working project for what you ask, merely guide you through the process yourself.