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    Some strange behaviors after using SDK 2.2


      SDK: 2.2

      Tag: 920737.

      app: hello-sensor. 920736 tag change to 920737 in IDE.


      There seem to have some problems when using SDK2.2 on 920737 tag which I never see by using SDK2.1.1 (this one is quite stable

      although security is not working)

      - By using Wiced IDE, when I modify 20737_EEPROM.btp for DLConfigBD_ADDRBase = "92073710ab01", a

      desired MAC or I set BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=92073710ab01 in build target, after downloading hello-sensor image,

      it's very hard for a handset to scan this device and once it's connected with this device, when users try to disconnect

      button via BLE APK (free), handset can not re-scan this device again, I need to disable/enable handset bluetooth again

      to find it.

      - If using OTA download, it seems it's working and handset can find the device.

      - After re-downloading the hello-sensor image, i can not plug-in cable to see the trace and need to wait longer not as before.

      - using hello-client, i prepare 1 hello-sensor device and 1 hello-client as a master, when this master connect to 2nd handset

      , the connection will be drop as Disc reason = 0x8 and please refer to the log. Is any connection problem when using multi-client connection attempt cause this problem seems existed for a long time.

      please check log line no 247,

      Conn Down handle:41 Slave:1 Disc_Reason: 08

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          I believe our local representative is currently in touch with you to look into this issue.

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            Hi, boont,


            thanks for ur great support.
            our product is near MP phase so
            we now focus on multi-client support and security engine test.
            Is any contact window in TWN BCM branch here or any contact info to discuss about those problems we currently meet with?

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              Make a summary here,


              SDK: 2.2

              Tag: 920737.

              app: Our Prj FW (Prj_FW), hello-sensor(*1 handset), hello-client(*3 handsets and 1-hello-sensor)

              firmware size ~ 29KB.

              phone: 1 HTC D816(Android) , 1 Infocus(Android) and 1 I-phone5 (ios8)



              Test 1: Plug-in trace after downloading image -

              symptom: After downloading, the wait time to plug-in trace cable takes longer than before, it seems after device reset, some wait-timing during checking download mode or to decide power-on. SDK2.1.1 is normal.


              Test 2: Test 1 handset with hello-sensor security -

              Iphone -

              if security enabled, handset can see pairing key column and get access, when handset disconnect,

              it can re-connect again without entering passkey again. (Q: How to reset handset's security prompt?, change device MAC or forget the device in I-phone?)


              InFocus (Android) -

              if security enable but no passkey enabled, when handset try to disconnect the link,
              device cannot really get the disconnection request and handset needs to disable/enable bluetooth again and
              this one is not seen in Iphone.


              if security enable and passkey enabled, I didnt see key prompt when link is established but I can see

              pairing request word at top of handset and even I do the "forget device" action, same problem. and also

              if trying to disconnect the link, the link is locked with the handset bluetooth, need to disable/enable it again.

              Test 3: multi-client support.

              Test Prj_FW (client number = 3) , device connected with 3 handset (HTC, Infocus, Iphone) and

              when connection attempt at 2rd, it is easy DiscReason = 8 (radio-link failure) so we test

              Test hello-sensor + hello_client + 3 client handset to see SDK2.1.1 and SDK2.2, it gets same result

              that some disconnection will happen once another link is just established. Please check the attached log.

              (line 185 DisC reason = 8 happens)

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                As your progress are already near MP, the issues concerned may not be easily reproduced with just a tag and phone. I believed Frank from Avnet is in touch with you already.