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    CE216767 OTA programming with custom Em_EEPROM


      Hello, I have been trying to add Em_EEPROM to my App1, and OTA using the bootloader.


      I have no compilation errors, but when using cysmart and OTA firmware update, I got the following error,




      can someone help with this? many thanks!

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          Hi Jerry


          By default, the Em_EEPROM storage is fully allocated to both of the PSoC 6 cores in the ".cy_em_eeprom" section. If the Em_EEPROM is used on one of the cores, you must reallocate the declaration of the ".cy_em_eeprom" section in both linker scripts. Otherwise, while building the project the cymcuelftool will report an error because of ".cy_em_eeprom" section contents collision."


          So you can set the core0 to occupy 0x4000 from 0x14000000, core1 to occupy 0x4000 from 0x14004000.