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    Does starting Debug overwrite Emulated EEPROM area of Flash




      I'm using a PSoC6 and Creator 4.2. I have my project doing some relatively simple EEPROM read/write functions. It reads first, then increments, and writes. Just basic stuff to test it out.


      When I hit reset in the debugger, my number continues to increment. Which indicates to me that the NVM is holding its value through the reset. However if I stop debugging, and start debugging again, my number loses its value, as if NVM is no longer holding it.


      Is this potentially related to Debug settings and it overwriting flash when the debugger connects? Is there a debug setting or a setting in the Em_EEPROM block that will let it program/debug without touching the Em_EEPROM area of Flash?


      I cannot attach the project, but I can give you code snippets if you need them.