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    PSOC resets unexpectedly , showing unknown reason


      I am using Psoc 4 with BLE (4200).


      It resets unexpectedly and on boot show reset cause :  0


      0 is none of the below: it is not WDT(1) , it is not SYS (8) , it is not SW (16)


      #define CY_SYS_RESET_WDT_SHIFT          (0u)

      #define CY_SYS_RESET_PROTFAULT_SHIFT    (3u)

      #define CY_SYS_RESET_SW_SHIFT           (4u)



      #define CY_SYS_RESET_WDT                ((uint32)1u << CY_SYS_RESET_WDT_SHIFT      )

      #define CY_SYS_RESET_PROTFAULT          ((uint32)1u << CY_SYS_RESET_PROTFAULT_SHIFT)

      #define CY_SYS_RESET_SW                 ((uint32)1u << CY_SYS_RESET_SW_SHIFT       )


      can you tell me please what can it be?