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    Re: Bluetooth Mesh (con't)



      Per this previous discussion: Bluetooth mesh


      that can send about 1 byte of data from one node to all the nodes in the network.

      => I am confused about the response.


      Refer to the Blog Cypress BLE Mesh Solution , I downloaded the same demo code mesh_onoff_server to three CYW920719Q40EVB Board respectively, and controlled them through the Android APP MeshLighting.


      I can control the state of any one of three CYW20719 normally and all of other fuctions are correct .

      As we know, there is one Proxy node among the three CYW20719, which is used to receive the GATT messages from APP and relay it to the destination node. For example, I mark the three CYW20719 Borad B1,B2 and B3  respectively, and assum the B1 is the Proxy node, now I control the on_off switch of B2 on the Android APP MeshLighting, and I can see both of B1 and B2 have received the message according to the log information and LED indication from debug Puart,which means the Proxy node B1 relays the message to B2 node. But  the B3 node has not received the message for there is no log information or LED indication from debug Puart of B3.

      Why does the Proxy node not relay the message to all of nodes?