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    Do you have a sleep mode?




      We are doing power test.

      I am using the while function to send http every 5 seconds.

      wiced_rtos_delay_milliseconds (5000);

      Is it correct use?

      Do you have a sleep mode?

      Are there good features to reduce power consumption?

      In the case of Bluetooth, there was a sleep mode. Is there a sleep mode even in the case of Wi-Fi?

      Please tell us.

      I'm sorry I did not speak English.

      Thank you.

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          You can refer to powersave app note available in directory /43xxx_Wi-Fi/doc/WICED-Powersave-App-Note.pdf. Broadly speaking, there are two types of powersave: Wi-Fi 802.11 powersave and MCU powersave. You can refer to the app note for more information. As long as sufficient time delay is provided for HTTP response, it is okay to use the while loop.

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            A better approach would be to use wiced_rtos_get_semaphore(&sem,WICED_WAIT_FOREVER); instead of delay and use wiced_rtos_set_semaphore(&sem); in the HTTP response callback function.

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