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    fx3 sdcard



      I am calling sib functions in my firmware,but it is not getting enumerated,if i remove sib related functions,enumeration is possible.

      is sdcard should be present in the hardware?without sdcard its not get enumeration?

      help me.

      thank you

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          Hello Geetha,


          1)Are you using FX3 or FX3S? If it is FX3S can you please program your board with the following example projects and check if the device is getting enumerated?

          <fx3_sdk_installation_path>\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\msc_examples


          2)What is your IO matrix configuration? Did you enable both S0 and S1 port?


          3)Are you using custom hardware or Cypress  DVK?


          4)Can you please list the SIB functions that you have used in your code? It's good if you can share your complete firmware here.

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            Its fx3s.

            yes,enabled,I am using only s0 port and in 4 bit interface.

            custom hardware.

            sibstart,sibinit,sibinparameters functions.

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              Did you test the msc example projects in your hardware? Is it enumerating?


              Can you please share your complete firmware here?