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    PSoC4200L I2C_Master issue


        I use PCoC4248AZI to do I2C Master communication in PSoC Creator 4.2

      i can stop at get data, but then the PSoC4 is running out.

      attach is my project. i don't know why? and  if I use  PSoC Creator 3.3, it is OK.





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          When you use the debug breakpoints, the peripherals still keep running, this will cause unexpected behavior in projects that use interrupts, timers, low power modes, etc. and are being breakpoint-stopped by the debugger.

          The "IntDefaultHandler" is a function that is jumped to whenever an unhandled interrupt occurs. This could include the I2C interrupts, a timer interrupt, a watchdog timer interrupt, etc.

          Check and see that you have interrupt handlers for all interrupts you are using in your project.