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    fx3 thread sleep



      in the fx3 slavefifo firmware,it says that thread sleep is 100millisecond when  CyU3PThreadSleep (100);

      if i call CyU3PThreadSleep (1) ,it will be one ms.how it will be in miliseconds?


      CyU3PThreadSleep (

              uint32_t timerTicks             /**< Number of timer ticks to sleep. */



      how to calculate timerticks?


      let me know,thank you.

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          Timer ticks are defined in the firmware library. By default it is set to 1 ms (which gives optimal and accurate results with +/- 4 % accuracy). If you want to change the timer ticks you can use CyU3POsTimerInit(). Note that if you increase the timer ticks value your OS will become slow by the same factor.

          Please refer to API Guide for further info.


          Thanks & Regards


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