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    Can you implement a 3-wire SPI in a PSOC1?

      I have to interface a CY8C29466 to an Analog Devices ADRF6520. This device uses a 3-wire interface rather than the usual 4-wire. My question is whether it is possible to implement a 3-wire SPI on this device without using an external tri-state device.


      The user module datasheet for the SPI master doesn't clearly say that you can do this, but in PSOC Designer I can connect MOSI and MISO to the same row output line. This implies that a 3-wire interface is possible, otherwise this ought to be an illegal connection. But I'm not convinced this is all correct, since I do not see how to tri-state the MOSI output when doing a read operation.


      Has anyone had success with this? Thanks for your help.