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    Schematic build/modification with cyprjmgr????


      I have been working with the cyprjmgr to try to automate some builds and modifications to project without having to use the gui or have a bunch of versions of projects just for minor changes like pin locations, components included/excluded, etc. Example version X  has GPIO on P12, on version Y it has SPI and I2C with some GPIO on P12, on version Z it has custom components with some GPIO on P12. But many share much of the same other functionality.


      If anyone has done any of these before I would appreciate any tips you could offer or other ways maybe I haven't thought of that that would be great too.


      Seems like much of the project based items are covered with the cyprjmgr tool, except for the schematic items, non-CY default parameters and pins. Maybe I just missed some of the options, but from what I could work through I don't think it is doable, but I hope I am wrong.


      I wanted to create a few generic projects/components and be able to put them together in an automated fashion. I was able to copy a basic template project then I was even able to add a custom component to the project(with specific pins and clocks and all). But when I did it only added the custom component to the components tree, but did not build it when I told it to build, I assume because it was not manually placed the top-level schematic.

      Command used was (specific to my projects)

      cyprjmgr -wrk testcmdline.cywrk -prj testcmdlineprj -import ..\hmgpio8\hmgpio8_d_i_intr.cylib\hmgpio8_d_i_intr.cyprj hmgpio8_d_i_intr


      I was able to modify some component parameters via commandline, but only the default CY_ parameters, like CY_REMOVE. I could not figure out how to modify any of the other parameters you normally see when double-clicking on the component, like say for a PIN input vs output vs analog or drive. I tried all kinds of different combinations of the names used in the component datasheet, but nothing worked.

      It did work fine for enabling and disabling though!

      Command used was (specific to my projects)

      cyprjmgr -wrk testcmdline.cywrk -prj testcmdlineprj -build -m crtestparms.txt


      Also I couldn't find any way to set pin location like is done in .cydwr file. This one may just mean the process is not doable at all. But I hope I am wrong as it would really be able to do. The gui tool is really easy to use, but the full dependency on the gui really hurts sometime.