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    UART UDB Component issue


      I am currently working on the project.

      The board is using a custom board and the chip is CY8C4248LQI-BL538.

      The development IDE is psoc creator 4.0.



      I have configured uart using UDB due to lack of SCB resources in the project

      I got a warning when I tried build.

      I am using UDB for the first time. I am wondering if the warning will be a problem when running the program for a long time.

      Currently, the gps module connected to UDB needs to operate at 9600 bps. How do I set it?

      Can you explain the correct way to set up UART UDB or details of the above issues?


      Attach files to current project's TopDesign, resource meter, udb uart setting, udb clock setting, project's system clock setting, and error reporter.



      Thank you.

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          To git rid of that warning, reduce the HFClk frequency or let the PSoC Creator auto-assign the RX and TX pins for you.

          To set Baud rate to 9600, either change the input Clock frequency to 78600 Hz or use Internal clock option for the UART component and chose the Bit per second parameter from the drop-down.