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    [Bug] installing examples in PSoC Creator 4.2




      there's a bug in PSoC Creator 4.2 (maybe earlier versions are also affected), which prevents the examples from being installed locally, with the following error message:

      Unable to install the example project. This may happen if you have a file open in the example's directory (such as the datasheet). Error: Success!


      Especially the last part of this information is useless: does it mean the example is installed locally correctly, and only PSoC Creator isn't able to detect that (thus still having the download option for the example enabled)?


      Anyway, if someone has this error, delete the corresponding example installation folder and re-download the example. In my case this solved almost all of those errors.


      @Cypress: please make the error message more informative and show the corresponding local path where the example should be installed - this would make it easier. Some of the preview source codes state to which code example the package belongs to, but for others it's not (easily) possible to retrieve the corresponding installation folder.


      Edit: seems that CE216767 example project cannot be cured with the above solution...