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    PSOC 4 BLE disconnecting with CySmart App after 30 seconds with CyDelay


      Hi All,

      I am using a PSOC 4 BLE pioneer kit. I have made a program that runs two blinking LED controlled using the CySmart App on an Android Device. However, whenever they are running they disconnect from the CySmart App itself after exactly 30 seconds all the time. I searched up this problem and found out that I need to separate the Characteristic UUID from the Descriptor UUID. I tried this, but the error still came.


      I have already posted this question and got an answer that I need to use PWM to do this, and it worked. However, this time I want to do the project without PWM and with the CyDelay.


      Also, I tried testing out this problem with a single LED, that does not blink, nor uses CyDelay. There was no 30 second timeout for this. But when I added CyDelay, there was a 30 second timeout. I have also tried doing this on more than one devices (one Android and another iOS) and on both of them the problem was still there.


      Additionally, in the BLE component (in Top Design), I went to the Tab saying 'Gap Settings', and tried changing/disabling the Connection Supervision timeout, but still the problem was present.


      Does anyone know how to fix this problem, so that I could use CyDelay and have no 30 second disconnect with the Android Device?