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    developing around a psoc using linux in 2018

      Hello everyone,


      I am a student, and this is my second attempt to trying to find out how I can code for my PSoC5LP Dev Board on Linux.

      (if it is of any relevance: Debian, 32bit, i686, refurbished hardware - not everyone buys a Windows10-Touch-Thingy every second year)


      Unfortunately (with my current limited knowledge), there seems no way to do that :-(


      * PSoC Creator was started using M$ .NET, which may quickly look fancy in the first place, but is apparently a dead end when it comes to portability.

      * Other Cypress software is also purely Windows

      * the old m8cutils project seems to be discontinued

      * there may be a way to use e.g. OpenOCD to program the board using SWR or JTAG, and to compile with gcc, but as far as I can see, there is no hope to write anything sensible without some support from a standard library. And I don't see one. If there is, please point me to an example, since I was not able to find one.

      * It is said to be possible to run the Creator software via VMware or thelike - but this forces me to support their (M$) doing by buying an expensive license (which I will never do), and secondly I go crazy using this unusable windows surface after a few minutes...


      i) Am I wrong/missing something?


      Some months ago, MichiyukiY_91 mentioned in Creator for Mac that there would be "new tools" supporting "Mac OS and other OS's" in 2018.


      ii) Have I missed anything so far?

      iii) What exactly is planned - and is it planned for linux, indeed? (I'd like to know if it is worth coming back then...)


      many thanks for any reply




      PS: In the meantime, I'll practise with a nicely working cross-platform stm32 toolstack.