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    Drive PWM line output low when inactive


      I have a PWM (component "PWM (TCPWM mode)" v2.10) that controls a line output on my CY8C4025LQI-S401). The PWM signal should not always be active. So it is stopped with Stop() and restarted with Start().


      While it is stopped the pin should be driven low until the PWM starts again. In fact, it goes High-Z not low. The PWM datasheet actually confirms that. This can be clearly revealed with an external pull-up resistor, that pulls the pin up to a certain level after PWM stop (see measurements attached).


      How can drive the line output low while the PWM is not running by software, without connecting an extra pin that drives the pin low externally? The pin is configured as strong drive.


      I have tried a lot so far but did not succeed.


      Thank you!

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