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    USBUART Descriptor



      I am trying to get my USUART project up and working and, thus far, it's been working pretty well.  The one issue I'm having is setting up the device descriptors correctly.  It's possible some of these things I can't change since we're using Cypress' USB Vendor and Product ID (I'm not really looking to pay for this myself so I get if some of it's not configurable).


      Below is what I'm currently using as settings for my USBUART:



      This is what I'm seeing when I plug my device in:



      I'd like to be able to change the following information:

      1)  Cypress USB UART (this might actually be determined using the Vendor and Product ID but this is probably the item I'd like to change the most if at all possible)

      2)  Manufacturer

      3)  Model Number

      4)  Categories

      5)  Description


      Basically, I want to be able to change everything, if at all possible.  I just don't know where to edit this things.


      I tried searching the forums but didn't have any luck (which kind of surprises me.  I would've guessed this would be a common question but maybe the thread exists somewhere and I just looked past it).  If someone knows or could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!