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    How to configure USBFS in audio IN mode with DMA automatic buffer management ?




      I want to transfer more than 512 bytes every 1ms (2 channels 24bytes each, 96kHz sampling) into PC through USB. PSOC 5LP is configured as microphone. I can configure USBFS with manual buffer management, but it works only for less then 512 bytes every 1ms. From USBFS manual I understand that in order to be able to transfer more data I need to choose option endpoint with DMA with automatic buffer management. I tried, but It doesn't work. I use other DMAs in my project and I see when I enable USBFS transfer in DMA mode this other DMAs doesn't work. When USBFS transfer is disabled other DMAs works fine.


      How to set USBFS transfer in AUDIO IN mode with DMA automatic buffer ?


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