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    BCM20737s NFC Questions...

      I have following questions to clarify the NFC offerings;


      1. Does WICED Sense (BCM20737S) has a NFC Tag (or NFC Antenna?) inside? So I can trigger the BLE link when the Sense is inside the NFC Reader field. I can't find any other app notes on this, any guidence on how to implement this?


      2. iPhones do not operate as NFC Readers, so this will not trigger the BCM20737S. I believe triggering a NFC Reader with a passive NFC chip and then triggering the BLE link on the NFC Reader side is also interesting. But I belive Broadcom chips operate on Passive NFC tag side? Is this correct?


      3. What is the difference between the BCM43341 and BCM20737S regarding NFC?

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          No. The 20737/20737S will support an NFC tag waking up the BCM20737 over GPIO when a reader reads from the NFC tag (separate component in the system). It then sends the information received over GPIO from the NFC tag through a BLE link (acts as an interpreter). You still need an NFC Tag and Reader within the application.



          Per above, a seperate NFC Tag is needed within the application. When excited by an external NFC Reader, the BLE part can be used to transmit over a BLE link the same pre-programmed information that is stored in the companion Tag.



          The BCM43341 includes an integrated low power NFC controller based on Broadcom's NFC standards–compliant

          standalone NFC solution. This solution is supported by the latest WICED Wi-Fi SDK, which is available here within the WICED Wi-Fi side of the Broadcom Community.