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    Bluetooth Mesh.

      I want to send a serial data to one BLE module and that BLE module should broadcast received serial data to all the nodes(BLE modules) of the mesh network.

      so how can i do this???    

      Is there any application through which i can do this, without writing any program.(similar to xctu for xbee module).

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          Sending custom data from one node to all the other nodes is done by the Vendor model (defined by the Mesh Specification). As of now, the vendor model will be supported in the upcoming release of WICED Studio version 6.2 (expected by the end of april or mid of may).


          As of now you can refer to the standard models in the WICED Studio. These have models such as light on/off, hsl server, power on/off etc. that can send about 1 byte of data from one node to all the nodes in the network.


          You can start sending the data to the first node via Serial interface using client control app or use the BLE GATT connection to send the data to the first node via our Meshlighting app.


          For mode details on using the Mesh on/off model, you can refer this post:

          Cypress BLE Mesh Solution



          - Madhu Sudhan

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